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This two-hour session looks more closely at the meaning of the ‘brand promise’ and how this can influence a customer’s expectation of the service on offer. Different customer personalities can look at service through different lenses; whether it is speed of service, friendliness of service people, or the way in which information is translated to them as a customer. Integrity is woven into delivering on our promises and for this to happen we must have a deeper understanding on customer trends and how they see service as an extension of the brand promise.

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In this two-hour session we will tackle what it means to be a service professional and the confidence that comes with this title. We deep-dive into the core skills needed to be a great service personality, such as active listening, great questioning and how to control a conversation whilst remaining in the power seat. Great customer service is about managing a customer and having control over the way in which you gain engagement with the information flow. The ultimate outcome being a solution in-line with a customer’s expectation.

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All great leaders and service professionals have a proven level of empathy and tap into this core strength when dealing with customers. This key component of our emotional intelligence is a must in the pursuit of a great customer experience. In this session we will unlock the secrets of its power. As with all of our EI abilities, some we are born with, but all can be learned and we will put this theory to the test. True empathy must come from within, and is carefully connected to how we feel about ourselves, our role and the customers that we serve. Here we look behind the scenes at emotive memory and the impact that service professionals have on the bottom line when they make customers feel valued, trusted, respected and cared for.

The art of customer service and great communication is constantly evolving as we learn more about behavioural science and the ways in which customers value service. This session will look at various service styles and how to best create an authentic service personality that is aligned to various customer styles. It will also look at new ways to manage difficult customer situations and how best to take the power seat and maintain a calm, logical professional manner in light of challenging customers. This practical session will give delegates a mini how-to guide when overcoming barriers to great service.


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