Appraisal Process and Training


When it comes to employee performance appraisals, setting SMART objectives and giving constructive feedback are essential skills for any manager. Our appraisal training courses show delegates how to carry out appraisals and performance reviews successfully.
This two-day course will teach delegates how to increase employee motivation and improve performance through setting objectives; giving effective feedback and constructive praise. This course also provides tips and techniques for managing conflict in appraisals as well as showing delegates how to write effective performance reviews quickly and easily. This course is proven to see a dramatic increase in staff performance through applying the strategies they have learned in the art of appraising.
The course focuses on “managing” as an ongoing process. That is; one that focuses on helping people develop their day-to-day performance.
It will help delegates provide their direct reports with a chance to review and assess their progress and enable attendees to help develop the skills and confidence of the person being appraised. This course will enable delegates to give honest feedback; without sugar-coating awkward issues or postponing.
In this course, delegates will learn how to provide long-term, efficient and professional care for those in their charge.

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  • • Preparing objectively and structuring the appraisal meeting
  • • Ensuring the appraisal is a two-way discussion
  • • Understanding your organisation’s appraisal process and system
  • • Understanding your personal strengths and areas for development as a performance manager
  • • Agreeing clear, realistic and measurable SMART objectives with appraisees
  • • Linking personal objectives to team and organisational objectives
  • • Dealing with disagreements or conflict diplomatically and confidently
  • • Balancing developmental (negative) with positive feedback
  • • Demonstrating professionalism and being assertive when necessary
  • • Dealing with issues of poor performance positively and professionally
  • • Ensuring performance management is a continuous process throughout the year
  • • Using positive verbal and non-verbal behaviour as an appraiser
  • • Demonstrating effective listening and questioning skills
  • • Ensuring consistency, fairness and objectively throughout the appraisal process
  • • Creating the link between the appraisal and improved staff performance

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