Our drive is to transform the customer service offered by African companies into one that aligns with a global marketplace and stands out for its excellence. We offer clients the opportunity to be part of a new dimension in training and development; one that is second to none and takes professionals to a new level.

Our Values

As a values-based company, we believe that our values define us, shape our training material and keep us on the path to delivering on our brand promise. Our desire is to ensure that customers are cared for and respected by service teams that are equipped with the necessary skills and empowered to do the right thing.


Be upstanding and deliver on promises with truth, honesty and commitment


Have a positive and powerful energy that comes from within and inspire, leading the way for others


Think from the heart and put others before yourself with care and consideration


Envisage with imagination and look to the future to create solutions that have yet to be found

Our Solutions

Great customer service has been proven to positively advance a company’s brand image, public perception and as a result, leads to an increase in profitability. Happy customers are considerably more likely to return and more likely to recommend your services to both friends and family. Our training solutions uniquely blend the most up-to-date behavioural research and thinking into the art of service. Our training is designed to connect your brand promise to your people – creating a lasting service excellence culture.


  • 2 day workshop
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Front Line
Customer Services

  • 2 day course
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Quick Fix
Buzz Sessions

  • 2 hour sessions
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Appraisal Process
and Training

  • Performance Management
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About Us
Our experience as a company comes from the professional backgrounds of our directors who have a combined 30 years of dedication to the customer service industry. Their passion for service excellence can be found woven into the fabric of all our training solutions and each of our client relationships.


Oladele Dosunmu, CEO & Founder

“My passion is caring about people, making sure that their every need is met. Our service is about making sure the customer leaves our presence with a smile on their face.”


Titi Alagbe, COO & Co-Founder

“Everyone likes to feel special and that they have been listened to. I have always loved working in an environment that promotes excellent customer service and going the extra mile.”